Your Partner in China

Product Sourcing, Dropshipping, Freight, Logistics

Founded in 2010 and providing logistics and product sourcing for over 10 years, the team at Merlin can handle almost any request with ease and efficiency.

  • Great Systems - Systems that connect your business in China
  • Freight Partnerships - The building blocks of your success
  • Worldwide Reach - Connection from your manufacturers to the world
  • Building your Business - Were there for your growth - today and tomorrow!

Our Services

Freight Worldwide Where You Need It

No matter how big or small, we can assist with all of your China freight needs including worldwide shipping to anywhere from end customers to Amazon FBA.

Express Direct Shipping Lines

We have access to exclusive and proprietary worldwide shipping lines that are WEEKS faster than ePacket and standard shipping from China.

China Dropshipping Made Easy

Hook your store in to our system and let us look after your dropshipping fulfilment using our sourced products or your own exclusive products.

Warehousing and Storage

Let us store and look after your goods in China.  Move them from your manufacturer to Merlin for storage, fulfilment or onward haulage – or a mixture.


Air Freight

Ocean Cargo

B2C Shipments



Our warehouses in China can assist with all of your freight, storage and shipping needs.  Contact us today for more information.

Of course we can help.  Use our services as an add on to your current product selection, or use Merlin exclusively.  We have source, store and ship your products.

No!  In fact, Epacket is dying a very slow death.  We can now provide your customers with fully tracked shipping with 6-10 day delivery times to most countries around the world.  Simple!

Not only can we source the same products at much cheaper prices but we have access to cheaper and faster shipping methods than merchants on Aliexpress offer.  Simply contact us today and tell us what you’re looking for – our dedicated team will get back to you with options.

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