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Located in the central heart of commercial China, in Shenzhen, we are well positioned to elevate your Ecommerce business to the next level.  Our suite of tools and integrations can assist to very quickly get you on board.  Here’s how we can help you:


  • Proprietary access to Worldwide shipping channels, getting orders to your customers up to 3 weeks faster than ePacket and standard China Post.  Our express shipping methods are not only fast but also cost effective.
  • Fast fulfilment of orders daily.
  • Product sourcing – tell us what product you want to sell and we will source it, cheaper than you’re currently purchasing on Aliexpress.
  • Manufacture your own products?  We can store and ship them for you.
  • Our systems plug directly in to all of the major storefronts, including Shopify and Woocommerce.

Express Shipping Lines

  • Need to get your product to customers every day?  No matter where in the world they are, our express shipping lines can most likely get your product to them within 6-10 days for around the same price as Epacket.  Contact us for more information.

Storage and Warehousing

  • It makes sense to keep your products in a central location for further distribution.  We can store your products and send in bulk to where ever you need around the world.

Freight Forwarding

  • We can handle shipments from China to the World, whether from your manufacturer to a warehouse outside of China or to Amazon FBA – we can offer great rates and provide end to end service.

Sample Consolidation

  • If you’re currently sourcing a new manufacturer for your new products and are getting samples from each, don’t pay the $50+ for each shipment that they all ask for – simply have the samples sent to us and we’ll directly to you via FedEx for a fraction of the price.

Amazon FBA

  • We can complete kitting, repacking or simply packing ready for Amazon FBA.  We have several shipping options that can get your products to Amazon warehouses around the world.

China Cultural Barriers

  • China can be a complex culture and if you’re not doing things the right way, it makes it very hard to succeed.  Our expert staff are proficient in English and Chinese and we can break down all of the barriers to get the job done.

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